Sunday, December 30, 2007

On the, uh... THIRTEENTH day of DCA, my DJ gave to me...

I said this would end at the end of the year, didn't I?

...some idle chitchat!
So, no Brawl updates ALL next week, huh? *sigh* This sucks. Let's all hope they release something good on VC to make up for it. I swear, if they give us EarthBound or Mario RPG tomorrow, I will scream with joy, and completely discard the absense of updates as 'absoulutely forgivable.'

A previewing phrase,

Sven Co-op geek talk,

Some rather vague statements,

Yet another rumor,

Movie recommends',

All the shorts I made up,

A Christmas short of cheating,


The Tee Em Ee Dubb-yoo Tee,

An accomplished promise,

The revealance of a rumor,

and a fan's friend drove up a tree!

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