Monday, December 24, 2007

On the SEVENTH day of DCA, my DJ gave to me...

...every short I've ever made (excluding yesterday's)!

"The Food Box"
[Shadow (hedgehog) takes Shade out for a drive-thru at Chao-Chicken]
Shadow: Alright, I'll have a cheeseburger, fries and a soda. Shade, what do you want?
Shade: One of those things, right next to my bed! [pointing at order box]

"My Halloween Costume Party"
Shade: Hello, you all may remember me from the hit single: Shade the Dark Chao. No? Okay, how about from Lick My A** You Mutha***. No? Okay,
Dark Chao Adventures? There ya go! Well, last year for Halloween,
there were TONS of costumes! I wore the Devil Chao costume.
Dark wore a Dark Chao costume, idiot... Shadow wore a Shadow costume,
and so did Shadow. But, Chao wore this giant.... thing! It was, was, was,
was HUUUUGE! It defied the laws of physics! I've never seen anything like it!
Dark: What, Chao's costume? He dressed up as a Fridge, remember?

"Career Day"
Tails: Okay, class, who can tell me what they want to be when they grow up?
Dark: A fireman!
Tails: Good! Chao?
Chao: A synchronized swimmer!
Tails: Ooh! Shade?
Shade: Out of this school!
Tails: No, what do you want to be?
Shade: A movie star!
Tails: What genre?
Shade: Um.... horror/war!
Tails: Any role models?
Shade: Yes, Chao God, for creating me, Devil Chao, cuz, I wanna be him,
and Satan! Cuz, he's just cool!
Tails: Any costumes?
Shade: Blue!
Tails: Math problems?
Shade: Green!
Tails: ..... poo?
Shade: Orange!
Tails: (why didn't I teach High School?)
"Boredom at the poker game"
[during the poker game that the 'guys' are having in Episode 6... don't forget, the chao are inside the building, too!]
Shade: (sighs) I'm bored...
MS: Mecha, go handle those lousy maggots' boredom!
MK: Why?
MS: Do it.....
MK: Yes, sir.
[MK goes to the chao]
MK: Hey guys, what's wrong?
Shade: We're bored... do you have any video games?
MK: Well, I have GTA: San Andreas, buuuut, I left it in my home unit, sorry!
Shade: Grr.... hey, Mecha, y'know how that scary blue guy yells at people
who don't do as he pleases?
MK: You mean Metal? Well, he's not scary to me, what? You want me
to protect you from him?
Shade: No, since you're not scared of him, I triple-dare you to yell in
his ear-thing!
MK: Um, well, I, uh...
Shade: What? Are you scared of him?
MK: No, I'm not, so yeah, I'll do it! And I'll like it, too!
Shade: Guys, we won't be bored anymore....
Dark: Whaddya mean?
Shade: We get a show to watch called,"Mecha Gets His Butt Whooped"!
[MK yells in MS's ear-thing]
MS: Why, you little....
[you can see what happens next...]

"A Sonic Short"
[Sonic takes a job washing windows, so he can get away from Amy, or so he thinks...]
[Sonic is on the roof of a house, washing a sky-light window]
Sonic: (Humming a tune)
Sonic: Huh? Probably nothing. (continues humming)
Sonic: Hmm? Must be something. Hey! [Sonic discovers what is behind the window]
A-Amy's shower room? A-and she's taking one?
Sonic: Somehow, I have a really bad feeling about this.
[crash, Sonic falls through the window, and lands in the shower, with Amy in there, too! The rest, you can figure out for yourself]

"The Third Poker Game"
[in the Stardust Eggman, the Poker Gang is having their third poker game]
MS: Yo, Mecha, hurry up with those snacks! And Tails Doll, hurry up with that TV!
MK: I'm going as fast as I can, Metal, don't rush me!
MS: Well, I'm rushing you! Our poker game has to start at EXACTLY 8:00, or else our line of games will be BROKEN!
TD: My, my, someone watched Avatar last night...
MS: Yeah, but I spoofed the one from over a year ago, dumbo. By the way, didja get the TV?
TD: Calm down, it's right here.
[the Doll places the TV on the ground next to the table (it's a really big one)]
[Mecha places the bowl of snacks (robotic and otherwise) on the poker table]
MS: Sweet, and with four seconds to spare.
[the game begins, with Metal winning (what a surprise...)]
MS: Victory... heh heh heh... and you guys now owe me... eighteen bucks and a jar o' mayonaise.
[they pay up]
MK: I hate you, Metal.
[Metal keeps on laughing]
TD: Say, 'boss...' didn't you say the game starts at EIGHT?
MS: Yeah, why?
TD: Well... it's eight, all right. ...NOW.
MS: WHAT? Bu-but my internal clock...
TD: You said it yourself, 'Em Es,' you told us the other day, "That rat of an Egg-head! He set my clock two hours fast!" And you never fixed it.
[Metal starts sobbing]

"The Sheet"
[Dark is playing with a white sheet in the Dark Garden]
Dark: Hahahahaha!! I'm having so much fun!
[the sheet starts to hover above the ground, Dark falls off]
Dark: What the!? Yikes!
[it spins around and glows red]
[it turns white again, this time the top glows red and two red eyes appear at the front]
Sheet: You have messed with me for the last time, Dark!
Dark: What!? Oh, no! I knew it, all those years of having no toilet paper would come back and haunt me!
Sh: No toilet paper? Ewwwwwwwwww!!! You freak! I mean, You will PAAY for all you have done!
Dark: Forget this, I'm getting outta here!
[Dark runs away]
[Sonic walks into the garden and chuckles]
Sonic: I gotta hand it to ya, Shade! You know how to scare Dark! One question-- how are you floating off the ground?
Shade: I'm floating off the ground? AAAAHHHH!
[Shade runs out from underneath the sheet, and it still floats with the red eyes and top]
Sonic: And I gotta hand it to YOU, Devilish, you know how to scare Shade!
[Devilish wakes up from across the room]
Devilish: Somebody call me?
Sonic: Huh? But, then who's--
[the sheet lifts up and it's Metal Sonic floating with his booster, and the Tails Doll sitting on his head]
Sonic: Metal... AND the Tails Doll!? AAAAAHHHHH!!!
Metal: Come back, I still don't have your adress! I need it to kill you with the classic 1,000 Pizzas joke!

A Christmas short of cheating,


The Tee Em Ee Dubb-yoo Tee,

An accomplished promise,

The revealance of a rumor,

and a fan's friend drove up a tree!

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