Friday, December 28, 2007

On the ELEVENTH day of DCA, my DJ gave to me...

Whoa, looks like I'll have to compromise a little soon. I suck at math.

...some statements you may not understand! During Season 4, the chao explored most of secretcity, all of secretcity2, half of secretcity3, barely any of secretcity4, and none of secretcity5. Plus, they simply mentioned omg and omg2. For the return, I'm hoping they'll explore the rest of secretcity4, all of secretcity5, omg, and omg2. I hope they do.

Some rather vague statements,

Yet another rumor,

Movie recommends',

All the shorts I made up,

A Christmas short of cheating,


The Tee Em Ee Dubb-yoo Tee,

An accomplished promise,

The revealance of a rumor,

and a fan's friend drove up a tree!

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