Sunday, September 28, 2008

Also, check this **** out.

[cut to a camera pan of a random city of Earth]
Shade Voice-Over: Earth. The planet as cool and as blue as Sonic.
[zoom-in to show a traffic jam near a broken traffic light; people are yelling, getting out of their cars, and mad]
Shade VO: Earth is full of little irks. Things like traffic jams... drive-by shootings... gang wars. Small things.
[zoom-in even closer to show a little girl hugging her mother in fear of the people yelling]
Shade VO: They think these things are their biggest concerns.
[zoom-in even closer to show the little girl's scared expression]
Shade VO: Well, their priorities are a little messed up.
Unknown voice: (whispering) Are you afraid.....
[cut to Shade hiding behind a pillar in a courtyard; he is holding a gun with a chainsaw attatched to it]
Shade: ...of the dark?
[the screen goes black]
[the image of the Tails Doll's face, but with lots of scars, and one eye missing, flashes on-screen for a split second]
[cut to a camera pan of a different street of the same city; a street cafe is visible]
[the voice of an older, rougher Shade speaks]
ShadeFuture VO: It happened not too long ago.
[people are eating in the cafe]
ShadeF VO: They came from the darkness... we were defenseless. Not expecting it.
[a slight rumble is visible; the people are a little curious]
ShadeF VO: I'm not sure how, but they came........
[the camera focuses on a seemingly random piece of road]
ShadeF VO: ...from below.
[the road opens up, making a hole leading underground; robots crawl out of it]
ShadeF VO: They killed everyone.
[the robots are equipped with guns, and start shooting]
ShadeF VO: They did not think. They just fought.
[dozens more holes open, robots crawling out]
ShadeF VO: I still remember the last time he tried to kill us.
[a few pictures of the future chao gardens flash on-screen; Future Shade is shooting odd zombies with a shotgun, the chao listening to Mister Prower talking to Murderous Mechetal, and dead Dark chao lying in the Dark pool]
ShadeF VO: The Instabilities. Zombies filled with a deadly, currosive virus. They are among the few creatures able to move freely, yet slowly, through the fourth dimension.
[cut to the inside of an apartment; the lights are off; the camera is slowly moving through the rooms; quiet whimpering is heard]
ShadeF VO: He used them against us last time. This time.... robots. We don't know much about them, though.
[the camera turns a corner into a room where the little girl and her mother are in a corner, trembling, hiding]
Shade (present) VO: This stuff just doesn't have much logic to it, does it?
ShadeF VO: Logic? Chao don't use logic.
[shadows of hunched-over creatures, dripping with a substance (blood), are seen; weird grunts and noises are heard]
[the mother and child's faces are pale, filled with fear]
ShadeF VO: We use.......
[the screen fades to black]

ShadeF VO: Gears and roses. The gears of war keep turning... and the roses of gunfire fuel it.
["Coming October 31st, 2008" appears on-screen]
Shade VO: Guns, roses, gears, war. Halloween. Perfect timing.
[an image flashes on-screen for less than a split second-- you could just make out Shade and Dark sneaking away from a huge, red something]

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