Sunday, September 28, 2008

DCAHPU 3! That's "Dee-kapoo."

Dark Chao Adventures Halloween Production Update number three.... or,

So, what have I done since I last talked about Gears n' Roses?
- I've finished a ton of chapters of Tale Two. I'm not even touching Tale One until after the HUGELY MASSIVE Tale Two is done.
- I've been scaring myself with some of the stuff I've made so far. And, trust me, I'm saving the scariest for last.
- I'm mixing the actual GoW story with my own, "DJay32-brand" style of writing. Or, in other words, trying to make it fit into DCA. And I'm doing pretty good!
- Now that Episode 50's up, I can tell you most of the FULL roster. Shade as Marcus Fenix. Dark as Dominic Santiago. Future Shade as Minh Young Kim. Shadow the chao as Anthony Carmine. Doctor Eggman as Victor Hoffman, and technically Anya Stroud. Phantom the Third-Party chao as Franklin the Stranded. Shawn, Shade's father, as Chap, the old guy who runs a gas station. Neo Metal Sonic (Sonic Heroes) as General RAAM. Dark-Hawk the Third-Party chao as the guy in Act 3 who falls through the floor and dies. Cham as Augustus Cole. Chao as Damon Baird. The Tails Doll as.... the Tails Doll. Quartz and Aqua as two random Alpha Squad soldiers who die a VERY gruesome death at the end of Act 1. Chaosky the Third-Party chao as a Stranded gatekeeper. Metal's robot armies as (most of) the Locust. And that's all you need to know right now.
- A bit more about the roster-- someone will be the Bezerker. Someone will be the Brumak. Someone will be the Corpser. Someone will be Myrrah. I've only decided on the Bezerker's identity, and I'm thinking up Myrrah.
- One last roster clue thing. An old foe will return. Not a Beta. Just an old enemy. An enemy that I put a TON of story behind, but not much closure. So.... this thing's your closure.
- I put some thought into it, and I've decided.... the "n' Roses" part of the title will have some impact. But, no, Rubber Goose won't start singing "November Rain." No. The radio station, Chao Chat, will start playing "Welcome to the Jungle," and later, "Sweet Child o' Mine."
- Like I said earlier, this will be more based off the PC version of Gears of War than the 360 version. For those who don't know, the PC version has five new chapters of Act 5. In one, you get to fight a Brumak. Can't wait for the chao to do that.
- Act 1 will start off funny, then eventually maybe give suspense. Act 2 will be VERY suspenseful, with maybe a bit of horror, and some purely random call-backs to the original Halloween Special. Act 3 so far, is TERRIFYING. Then again, what do I know about horror? I mean, I didn't think Cloverfield was scary. In fact, the only truly scary movie I've seen lately is Rose Red. That's four and a half hours of FRIGHT, man. Two discs of HORROR.
- Right now, DCAHall2 is 54.9 KB. And, I wouldn't say it's halfway done yet, although it could be. In comparison, the Season 6 3-part finale is about 98 KB. The TMEWT was 62 KB. Are you getting my point yet? It's big.
- If you haven't already played GoW, I really recommend it. It's a fun game. Not entirely scary, but it has its moments. The Bezerker fights can scare you crapless, though. They CAN. I'm trying to recreate those feelings of "O CRAP THE BEZERKER IS RIGHT THERE AROUND THIS CORNER AND SHE'S GONNA SMELL OR HEAR ME AND KILL ME! SHE'S COMING! SHE'S STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO ME! AIEE!!! HELP! gotta be quiet.... she can't tell where I am if I don't give off sound or smell.... gotta sneak away.... no, dude, don't shoot her.... oh, you jacka--BOOOOOM!!!! CRASH! SMACK! MURDALIZE!!!! Game over."
- Another thing that COULD scare you: The Kryll. Little bat-like things that INSTANTLY/SLOWLY kill you if you so much as step into a shadow. What are they in this? You're gonna have to wait to find out. A little info: I managed to make the way the Kryll kill you in THIS be a lot gorier than in the actual game. Why? I'm evil like that. And, they might have more to do with the story than they seem...
- Help..... help me, mommy....... the bad man tore my eye out.... the bad man tore my arm off..... the bad man gave me three tails.... the bad man gave me scars...... the bad man will die.
- I just hope that, when it's done, somebody decides to take the time to read the whole thing. 'Cause it'll be big. And, I don't want to have to have done all that for nothing.
- We will win this war. It's only a matter of time. THAT'S who Myrrah is. You were wondering, weren't you? You know, she's the mysterious female voice that seems to be associated with the Locust. She speaks during the opening cinematic, before the first Bezerker fight, and during the ending.
Well, that concludes today's trip to the unknown. Join us again, probably when I finish a few more acts.

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