Tuesday, September 16, 2008


If I were to upload all the Shade and Dark Play Half-Life 2 parts so far (of which there are five), it would take a while.

So far, they're nearing the end of the game, and it's already over seven hours long. Holy crap, or what, huh?

Part one lasts from Point Insertion to "We Don't Go to Ravenholm." They stop when they reach Ravenholm.

Part two goes from "We Don't Go to Ravenholm" to Sandtraps. They stop when they reach the second half of the highway. A ton of hilarious material in there.

Part three goes from Sandtraps to Nova Prospekt. They don't get much done in that one. It stops when they break into Nova Prospekt.

Part four goes from Nova Prospekt to Entanglement. They only go through two chapters, but still get a lot done. A lot of great material in there, too. It stops when they reach City 17.

The newest part, Part five, goes from Entanglement to halfway through Anticitizen One. A glitch occured, and the game shut down. It stops when they reach this building or something.

Lemme tell ya, so far it's been very fun giving commentary as I play through the game. And, I used to have video footage for part one, but like I said earlier, it got heavily corrupted.

Some highlights so far:

- The Combine attack Shade and Dark's buggy, and they get mad. They find a Combine home, and trash it. They break every window, and toss everything out the windows.

- Shade and Dark attack (and run from) many antlion guards (giant bug-like creatures), and almost get killed by them.

- Shade and Dark command an army of antlions (small bug-like creatures) as they infiltrate Nova Prospekt, the giant prison.

- Shade and Dark travel literally countless miles on an airboat across a huge waterway, through dams and dodging helicopters.

- Trains that run them over!

- Shade and Dark travel literally countless miles in a buggy across a giant highway. It's funny.

- Oh, and hilarity ensues when Dark is behind the wheel of the buggy, and they're driving on train tracks! And a train is coming. Dark wants to find out who would win in a game of chicken: the buggy, or a huge train.

- They die a lot.

- Ravenholm. 'Nuff said. Still, I'll tell you about their huge adventure through the whole town. They get lost in the center of town, explore dark mines, have a faceoff with an army of zombies on a rooftop, and MORE!

- The last thing I'm willing to reveal: They're on train tracks, and there are tons of snipers everywhere. And they die. Dark even tries to defend himself with an explosive barrel. ...yeah, it's funny.

Wait 'till I start uploading them!

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