Saturday, September 6, 2008

DCAHall2 Production Update, First Entry!

I did this for Silver:AA, may as well do it for this.

Gears n' Roses
So, DCAHall2 will, of course, be done before Halloween. But, I won't show it UNTIL then! I'm starting to get the hang of these deadline things! Until then, I will tell you how things are going, when I hit snags, and sometime soon, I'll show you the SUPER GRAND FINALE OF DCA SEASON 6!!! Look forward to that.
The title "Gears n' Roses" is a reference to both "Gears of War," which will play a somewhat..... significant role to the special, and to "Guns n' Roses," which is a good band. Believe me, I had lots of other names. The runner up was "Smears of Lore," which rhymes with "Gears of War." ...I think I might be clinically rambling.
There will, of course, be two "Tales" to this special. The first tale is always (for now) focused on one third-party chao. Last time was Phantom, this time.... is Dark-Hawk. That's right. The original third-party chao. This guy... is the third-party chao! What will happen in the Tale of Dark-Hawk? You'll have to wait to find out!
At the start of every DCAHall, I shall put a four-line poem at the very start. Remember the first one? It was actually one of my best poems ever. I'm not much of a poet. Didn't you know it?
Ah. I'm a poet, and I wasn't even aware of it. Oh, wait.
Oh, and... this special will focus a little more on horror. A little. Not much more. Still, I can still picture that "Say 'Hello' to Cham for me" scene. I have the picture clear in my head. ...I'm being stupid again.
One thing before I go.
I recently heard my voice on some recording thing, and I realized.... I sound very different than I thought I did. So different that I might "put it to good use sometime soon," if you catch my drift.
My voice is deep. I did not know that. Did you know that? Well, I didn't. Okay, I knew it was deep, but not... clear. I thought it was all... rough and stuff. I was wrong. And I'm rambling.
Look forward to stuff n' stuff, everyone! And give me some ****ing feedback!

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