Sunday, September 7, 2008

DCAHall2 Production Update! (DCAHPU) 2!

Gears n' Roses
The second tale.... will always (for now) be named after the enemy they're fighting. The first time, it was Morph (Mephiles). Remember? Now, who could the enemy be this time around?
Howzabout the plot of the second tale? Well, that's probably the only thing I actually know. why should I tell you?!? It's not entirely secret, I mean.... you can easily figure it out from the ****ing logo.
I can tell you some random things about it, though!
- Shade will not be the only hero. I mean, he's my favorite chao, so he'll usually be the hero, but... yeah. After all, he's gonna need help from at least three other chao if he wants to make it outta this one!
- Oh, yeah. It's gonna be a long one. That's... that's all you need to know.
- It will be divided into "chapters." Figuring out what the story is yet? I mean, if you haven't played............ well.... it doesn't matter.
- The bad guy is not General RAAM. "Who?" Don't you mind. This one is just for those who know what I'm talking about.
- Shade's gonna see some stuff he doesn't want to see.
- Man, I hate being vague too much. It's fun every once in a while, but... you know.
- Next! There will be some stuff you never would have imagined happening. Eggman will have a d--whoops!
- They will be in the future, of course, during Tale Two. Tale One will just be Halloween.
- Remember the first Halloween special? And the Neutral Garden was barely explored? Well, that place is gonna stay unexplored. For now, if the Gardens are that crappy in the future, what do you suppose.... Earth... would be?
- Here's another thing for those who do know. "They will be in the PC version, not the 360 version. ...because the PC version has a longer Act Five."
- My favorite line so far? "CRAP SENSORS OVERFLOWING!" It doesn't really... mean anything. It's just a robot. Still, it's pretty funny. ...especially when you know why the robot is saying that.
Uh... that's about all I can tell you.

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