Monday, September 1, 2008

Aw, what the Dark Garden, I'll post the trailer here.

[a red screen; black blood splats are visible]
Shade: The future is not safe yet.
[Shade walks onto the screen, completely red (the art style is red with black outline)]
Shade: The Gray Journey may be over for me...
[a creature appears in the background]
Shade: But what about future me? I still have to help him.
[the creature runs towards Shade, who seems completely oblivious]
Shade: And, there's a REASON the Neutral Garden was blocked off during the Mephiles invasion. (DCAHall1)
[the creature jumps into the air, pouncing at Shade]
Shade: So, Delta Squad will be investigating it. But, I gotta warn you, once you find out what's out there....
[Shade turns around, pulls out a gun, and kills the creature]
Shade: You're gonna go....... bezerk.
[a second, larger creature stomps on-screen in the background]
[the creature runs towards Shade, who reveals that his gun has a chainsaw bayonet on it]
[Shade raises his chainsaw]
[just before the creature runs into Shade, the screen goes black]
["DCAHall2" appears on-screen, accompanied by a logo of a chao skull in a cog]
"Gears n' Roses"
Coming October 31, 2008

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