Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Project!

My current project is something I shall do every year. Definitely. People loved it last year, so I think they'll love it this year. Last year, it starred Shade and Chao. This year, it will star Shade, Dark, Chao, and-- no. I cannot tell you the last person. I nearly did; I was just about to. I can guarantee you that, by the time this project is released exactly two months from now, you will have seen the Season 6 finale, so I'll be able to tell you the fourth person.

You guessed what it is yet? Probably. Hopefully.

Once again, you can tell me what........ "clothes........" you want your chao to wear. Once again, it will have two....... "parts......," the second being the story-related one.

The story, you will find, is rather...... unexpected. You could say the mere shock would drive you...... bezerk., um.... well. Yeah.

From those clues, you can figure out what the story will be. Good luck.

DCAHall2 coming October 31st, 2008.

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