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Silver: Ace Attorney (Episode 1 part three)

Silver the Hedgehog: Ace Attorney
The Silver Turnabout
part three

["OBJECTION!!!" appears on-screen as Silver shouts it]
Silver: ....*slams hands on desk* Your honor, the witness' testimony is clearly faulty!
Bowser: It is? I don't see anything faulty.
Silver: Oh, uh... you don't?
Bowser: Nope. Objection overruled, grayhog!
[SFX: explosion, part of the player's health bar goes down]
Silver: Aw, man.
Shade: Remember, Silver... you have to find a way to link the pictures to this trio of vases.
Silver: Of course! *points finger* Your honor! Give me another chance!
Bowser: Rrrr..... fine.
Silver: The link is here...


Attorney's Badge: Silver's own personal badge. He needs this.
Autopsy Report: Victim died in between 2 and 2:30 AM by two bullets to the chest.
Bullets: Retrieved from victim's chest.
Pistol: The murder weapon. Two bullets were fired. Bears the defendant's fingerprints.
Picture 1: Shows someone standing over someone with a pistol.
Picture 2: Shows Shadow standing over Bob with a pistol, and the vase has moved.


Silver: That's me. I'm weird like that.
Shade: That's the female Shade, my partner in law.
Shadow: Shadow the Hedgehog is the suspect.
Robert: Soldier Bob. The first soldier you see in Westopolis of Shadow the Hedgehog. The one who dies. He's the victim.
Tails: A cowardly prosecutor who is really nervous, and also teaches chao in pre-school.
Bowser: The "honorable" Judge Bowser. What he's doing in the Sonic universe is beyond me.
Crub: A crab badnik that witnessed the crime.

[Silver selects "Picture 2"]
Silver: *grin* Mister Prower.
Tails: Urk.
Silver: You claim these pictures have nothing to do with the vases.
Silver: Well, you obviously forgot about.... THIS! *shows picture*
Tails: *cringe* ...AIEEEE!!
Bowser: Silver! What is the defense's claim?
Silver: Your honor, the prosecution is claiming that these pictures are unrelated to the vases.
Bowser: Uh-huh.
Silver: Well, then... why does one picture have a vase, and the other NOT?
Bowser: You're... that's a good point! Prosecution! What is your argument?
Tails: Um... well... uh........
Bowser: The prosecution is speechless, I see. Son of a 'troopa, I think the defense actually got something.
Silver: Really? Wow. Uh... Shade, what was I saying?
Shade: You mean you don't remember...? I think you were trying to link the pictures with the vases.
Silver: Oh! Right. *a-hem* Crub.
Crub: Yo.
Silver: When I questioned you earlier, you said something about having taken one more picture.
Crub: Y...yes.
Silver: May we see this picture?
["OBJECTION!!!" appears on-screen as Tails shouts it]
Tails: Your honor, this is crazy!
Bowser: Overruled. I'm curious about this last picture, as well. So sit your two-tailed butt down and listen.
Crub: I... I have the picture right here....
[everyone stares at the picture, in disbelief]

[Picture 3: clear as day, Shadow is throwing a vase at the camera (Crub)]
Bowser: HOLY ****..............
[Silver is stressed, and Tails is smirking, arms crossed]
Tails: Now do you see why I didn't want you to see it? We had enough evidence against him. This is just the last nail in the coffin.
Silver: Tell me about it...
Bowser: Well, this seems like decisive evidence. Shadow did it.
Shade: Hey, Silver...
Silver: Yeah?
Shade: There's... something... odd about this picture.
Silver: Really? Where?
Shade: ..never mind, it doesn't matter.
Silver: All right. But, what should I do? We're gonna lose this case!
Shade: ......Crub, you didn't testify about this earlier.
Tails: Say what?
Shade: This isn't decisive. It's just adding a bunch more myst in the swamp.
Crub: Uh... um... I, um...
Tails: The witness was obviously knocked out, and couldn't remember.
["OBJECTION!!!" appears on-screen as Silver shouts it]
Silver: Right. He was knocked out? Pfft. Robots don't get knocked out, Mister Prower. You should know that.
Tails: Um... well, he just couldn't remember!
Silver: Oh, really? Robots only lose memory if they are reset. If this robot was reset, he wouldn't remember the crime at all.
Crub: ...
Bowser: Hm? Witness, do you want to say something?
Crub: I... I wa--
["OBJECTION!!!" appears on-screen as Tails shouts it]
Tails: The witness... he's not, uh...!
Bowser: ****ing over-****ing-ruled. He wants to say something, LET him.
Crub: I... I WAS reset.
[the jury starts chatting]
[Bowser bangs his gavel]
Bowser: Order! Order in the court! Witness! Are you telling the truth?
Crub: Yes.
Silver: But... that would mean you were lying to us during the whole testimony!
Crub: .......that's right. Besides the photos, everything I said today was a lie.
Silver: Besides the photos?
Crub: Hey, I DID take those photos. They're the truth.
Silver: But... but that would mean Shadow really threw that vase at you, resetting you.
Crub: Y.....uh.... yeah.
Shade: ?
Silver: What's wrong, Shade?
Shade: That was a pretty suspicious pause there.
Silver: Hmm... yeah, it WAS.
Crub: Shadow threw the vase at me. It's true.

[Bowser bangs his gavel]
Bowser: I see no reason to further prolong this trial! This court finds the defendant, Shadow the hedgehog...
["OBJECTION!!!" appears on-screen as Silver shouts it]
Silver: Your honor, I just figured something out!
Bowser: The fact that you're a dumb rascal who can't keep his mouth shut?
Silver: No, your honor. I figured out that the witness is STILL LYING!
All: WHAT?!
Shade: Silver, how'd you figure THAT out?
Silver: I have no idea; it just came to me. I had this URGE to shout it out.
Shade: *facepalm* We're doomed.
Bowser: Very well. If the defense can come up with DECISIVE PROOF that the witness is lying, please present it!
Silver: Psst... Shade.
Shade: Yeah?
Silver: What was that odd thing about the third picture you noticed?
Shade: Oh, that? It's nothing... it's just...
Silver: Just what?
Shade: Soldier Bob isn't in the photo.
Silver: *checks photo* ...hey, yeah, you're right. What's up with that?
Shade: Wait, I just noticed something else. Shadow's gun is gone!
Silver: Holy crap, you're right! Just what is going on here?
Bowser: Defense? Do you have your claim/proof?
Silver: Just a second.
Shade: Okay, Silver... let's think this through. If Shadow didn't do it... and Bob didn't commit suicide...
Silver: Crub must have. And that would mean he wasn't knocked out, but perhaps knocked Shadow out, instead.
Shade: It's possible. But, there's not much support to these claims. Like the photos. He took the photos, didn't he?
Silver: Hmmm... did he?
Shade: What do you mean?
Silver: I think I've got it.
["TAKE THAT!!!" appears on-screen as Silver shouts it]

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