Friday, August 8, 2008

War of the Gardens is officially OFF Hiatus!


Also wanna let you know that, although I won't show episode 48 for a while, I'll still keep you up-to-date on the other things, like DCAWG!
In fact, I am now confident with DCAWG enough to reveal its plot synapsis.


War of the Gardens

For many a year, a war between the Hero chao and the Dark chao has been going on. You are _____, otherwise known as the Chronicler. It is your duty to pick a side, and end this war for once and for all. Of course, not if Mephiles has anything to say about it.

Sound interesting yet? Betcha didn't expect the "Mephiles" part, did you? Don't worry, there's still some parts of the story I haven't revealed.

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