Friday, August 22, 2008

I LITERALLY ramble now. I just keep talking and talking.

DCA Season 6 "4"-Disc Box Set.

I gotta stop hinting! Damn! Well, this one's not so secret, so I'll just announce it.

DCA Season 6 5-Disc Box Set.

Yep. What could the fifth disc have to offer? Hell, what could the fourth disc have to offer? The fourth is usually the one with the bonuses.

Perhaps... DCARetro? "What's DCARetro?" I'll TELL you what it is.

Dark Chao Adventures.... a Retrospective.

It's like a mock-umentary. Sort of. We take a look back at some of the simpler moments of this story arc, and some of my favorite.

"Wait... 'this story arc'?"

Yes, "this story arc." The Beta Avengers will be done by the end of Season 6. ...pretty much. I'm still mulling it over. And the Season Finale, as you will see, will wrap most/every question(s) you have about the story so far. It'll even manage to somehow link the Beta Avengers.... to episode 1. How will it do that? You'll have to COMMENT to find out. Oh, sorry, I meant "wait." Or did I?

I'm also still considering putting DCARetro onto the site some time. Perhaps it should be Disc 5-exclusive? Don't worry if it is; Shady Cross Paths is "selling" everything for free. ...and with a shop like that, who needs DVDs? I'll tell you who needs DVDs. People who want to read DCA, but their internet connection is down! That's who needs DVDs/Text files!

I suppose I can tell you one thing Disc Four will have.

An exclusive short.

I'm not gonna tell you what it's called.

Or what it's about.

Anyway, on to more secrets I've been keeping all this time!

Ah, yes, the Making of DCA thingie-na-bobber.

"What? 'Making of DCA?'"

YES, "Making of DCA!" I made a small, horrible screen capture movie of me typing DCA Episode 49. Or, PART of it. I also show you every step I take when making your average JOE. ...of an episode.

"When's the release date?"

When #49 comes out.

"Any other projects you neglected to let us know of?" I just made up right this second. When I've publically released Season 6, I'm gonna touch up the website a bit. Maybe make the rest of the character bios, and Memorials I didn't make. Possibly put up some more fan art. Maybe even make a page for all of MY art. Or, my slop I call "art."

"I see. Anything else?"

Sure, why not? I'm feeling generous today. I'll post the first chapter of episode 48.

Season 6

Episode 48: The MILKMAN and Friends

[the story resumes in the remains of the Dark Garden]
Chapter 1: The Father, the Son, and the HOLY CRAP!
[Shade is slowly walking through the ashes]
Shade: The Beta Avengers destroyed my garden.... my home.... my kingdom. Worst of all... the MILKMAN is still alive.
[Shade reaches down to a pile of ashes, and grabs some of it]
[it slips through his hand]
Shade: JOE, ECHO, and TAGLIARE.... I managed to defeat them. But the MILKMAN.... he is still planning.
[Shade continues walking, and looks at the drained pool]
Shade: And worst of all... I'm all alone!
?: No, you're not, dad.
[Shade turns around, and sees Shade Junior by a tombstone]
Shade: Junior?
SJR: You're not alone.
[Shade thinks for a moment, before turning around, shrugging, and sitting down]
Shade: Great, you're here. Now we can die as family.
SJR: Who said anything about death? We can beat the MILKMAN.
Shade: How? We don't know where he is! We don't even know what he's planning...
SJR: Well... let's try to think it over. What have the Betas been doing so far?
Shade: Hmm.... let's see....

- They sent us to the Chao World, and ran Chao Talk to the ground.
- They sent me to Aperture Science so our gardens would be defenseless.
- While I was gone, they bombed our gardens.
- They ambushed us on the subway, so we wouldn't get to ZIM's house.
- I'm pretty sure they caused the resonance cascade at Black Mesa.
- Then, JOE dressed up as Marty to give us that time bomb.
- They sent some people to hijack CPAK, turn it into a nuclear weapons facility to house Metal Gear, and kidnap the faculty.
- They kidnapped us, and made us duke it out in a stadium, while their time bomb was set to go off.
- JOE managed to poison our water supply at the Station Square hotel.
- The MILKMAN hijacked Halo, and threatened to set it off.
- Finally, the MILKMAN managed to escape while sending me here.

SJR: Hmm... something doesn't add up here.
Shade: Really?
SJR: Yeah. I mean, the MILKMAN tried to make some video game events happen, right?
Shade: Right.
SJR: But, everything JOE did never happened in those corresponding games.
Shade: Huh?

- JOE dressed up as Marty and gave you that bomb, right? Since when did somebody do that in GTA?
- JOE's time bomb screwed up the events of Mario & Sonic.
- And I don't remember the water being poisonous in Sonic Adventure.

Shade: Yeah, you're right! But, what about the actual plan? It sounded more like they were trying to get rid of us.
SJR: Hmm... what were they REALLY doing? I think I have an idea.

- They sent you to these video game places... just so they could destroy the REAL world without you stopping them.
- Obviously the MILKMAN believes you are strong enough to stop him. ...I wonder why, though.

Shade: Hey, uh... why are we speaking in bulletins?
SJR: I dunno.
Shade: Also, I think I know why the MILKMAN believes I'm strong enough...
SJR: Really? What do you think?
Shade:'s the secret.
SJR: You mean... it's A secret.
Shade: No, it's THE secret. The secret that the MILKMAN told me long ago.
SJR: What is the secret?
Shade: I can't tell you; it's a secret!
SJR: Oh. Well, when will the readers learn it?
Shade: *sigh* It's been said before, but I'll say it again-- THE MILKMAN WILL TELL DARK AROUND THE END OF THIS SEASON.
SJR: Okay. No need to yell...
Shade: Now that we have done all the re-capping, and reuniting... let the episode resume!
[lights flash, sparkle, and shine, and the episode resumes]
SJR: How'd you do that?
Shade: It's a secret.

Hope you've enjoyed this talk. See you later.

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