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I'm Just Gonna Ramble (DJtendo DS 3)

Yup. Just gonna ramble.

DJtendo Developer's Secrets #3

So, what's gonna happen when Shade comes face-to-face with DA MILKMAN!? Who knows? As a matter of fact, there are exactly three people who know (that I know of). Me, BlackPhoenix (friend, owner of Quartz), and Multichao ("Espio," owner of Phantom). Multichao... he "won" the episode randomly. BP's my friend, and I always have a little "table reading" with him whenever the newest episode is made. And me... it's obvious how I know.

Just for fun, I'mma gunna describe what a "table reading" is. I got the phrase from Family Guy, which definitely is now my favorite show (it replaced Doctor Who, so I know this is serious). In Family Guy, when the writers finish an episode's script, everyone involved in the episode gets together around a table, and the corresponding voice actors read the script. Personally, I'm very interested in these. They seem like a ton of fun. Of course, when BP and I do this, it's on a phone. And the only "table" I'm reading from is my computer desk.

Now, enough boring you. You wantz some spoilaz, don'tcha? Yeah, I know what you want.

Possible spoilers! The MILKMAN's name is... wait, no, I can't just tell you it. That's stupid. I mean, since the site's up, you can look up who the name I give you is, and you'll understand a plot element I am hoping to keep secret. There's your spoiler. The MILKMAN's real name is somewhere on the DCA site. It's not in an episode.

Definite spoilers! JOE's name is... well, if you've read most of these posts, you'll already know what I want you to know his name is. It's "Therjak." A character I made up. You won't know a single thing about him, except that it's pronounced, "Tear-yak." I also made up that pronunciation, of course. As far as I know, there is no word in any language like that. Hang on... let me look it up. Nope. Not pronounced "Tear-yak." I think. There are some German things, and some forum-y RPG-I think things, but nothing that would spoil you. Here are some more spoilers. Is that really JOE's name? Or... is the season finale bigger than it seems?

Possible spoilers! Echo's name... is "Echo." Yeah, that's right. You'll learn everything about him in Eppy 48.

Possible spoilers! Tagliare's name is "Tagliare." Same as above.

So, as you can see, the MILKMAN and JOE are the only two who are mysterious, apparently. And even then, JOE seems the most mysterious.

Let me just put it this way-- I'm trying to get rid of any robots/animals I make up except chao. Dark Tails died somehow in Professor Shade-on, and I might investigate that sooner. The Beta Avengers' times are almost up. Echo can become a chao, so he's probably fine, but what about the other three?

Did you like part one of "Silver Turnabout?" Wait until I post part two. That'll reveal some shocking info about the case.

Holy crap, we're nearly at Episode 50. Isn't that amazing? I'm thinking of drawing a picture of all the chao gathered around a large "50," and I'll put it on the front page of the site. Wouldn't that be neat? And I'll probably make it and post it when I make #50 public.

Speaking of Episode 50, how much have I revealed about that episode? Other than the fact that I'm currently working on it. That's right, I've already started Season 7. I really have too much time on my hands, don't I?

So, let me reveal something about "702." (50) It'll be the first episode to take advantage of "FULL Textual Commentary." What is "FULL Textual Commentary?" It's basically... commentary. Throughout the episode. Of course, there'll be the regular version without commentary, but I think I could make FTC work. If I make it right. Oh, and one more thing... I put quotes around "702" for a reason.

Damn, I have been hinting too much. I gotta cut back on that. Especially since this hint, I have OVERDOSED on. Hell, if you haven't already figured out what I mean, you might be Dark.

Note: "You might be Dark" wasn't hinting; it was insulting. Just making sure you knew. And I'm sorry for insulting; I haven't really felt myself recently.

Next on the list: Shady Cross Paths. The Dark Chao Adventures "store." I've realized... I'm not one for the marketing business. Sorry, everyone at Chao Talk, but I'm closing up shop. Or, rather.... I'm relocating. Where to? Where d'ya think? The site. And there, it won't be "the shop," but the "Download section." ..."disguised as a shop." Sorry for any inconvenience. Oh, and I can also tell you when Shady Cross Paths will be opening: When the season finale is up.

Speaking of the site, in case you didn't read the bulletin ON the site, there is now a secret page somewhere on the site. Super secret. No links to it. You have to just... guess the URL. And I ain't givin' it out to ANYBODY. Only I, and BP, know. How do you think I showed him #48? Oh, and, I took #48 down, so don't bother looking for the secret page, expecting to read it. It has been replaced with something of equal value, though.

I have got to stop hinting.

Season 7 info! The chao will be back in their gardens, doing what they're good at: NOTHING. Hardy hardy har. In fact, I've got some good ideas for some episodes! Here's one-- Rubber Goose (Dark's band) has their first concert, and while Shade, Dark, and Red are out, the female Shade has to 'babysit' Shade Junior, and Shadow the chao. Or something close to that. You get the picture, don't you? Doesn't it sound... casual? Like Season 1?

What's next to be revealed in my Developer's Secrets? DCA08. It's half-hiatus, you could say. It's not ON hiatus, but then again, it's not my top priority, either. BUT, it'll be over before 2009, of course. Definitely. You could even say it's a year-long season, but I don't want to take until December to finish the chao's chronicles in secretcity.

Well, I can't think of anything else to say. So, I'll turn on the radio! *bzzzrt* Oh, nothing's on. I'll try again later.

....I'll try again now. *bzzzz..........*

Announcer: This is 200.1 FM, Chao Chat. All A-Life.... all YOUR life.
Shade: Hello, and welcome back to The Dark Show! Uh... this is Shade, here with special guest, Mephiles the Dark!
[audience claps]
Mp: Yo.
[audience cheers]
Shade: So, Mephula.
Mp: Uh-huh?
Shade: I hear you're gonna be in a new movie soon.
Mp: Oh! That's right. Um... it's called, Dances With Your Mother.
Dark: You got burned, Shade!
[SFX: flame sizzle]
Shade: *chuckle* No, seriously, what's it called?
Mp: Okay, it's called, Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
[audience boo]
Shade: You serious?
Mp: No. *laugh* I'm not gonna be in any new movies!
Shade: ....really?
Mp: Heh... yeah!
Shade: Okay, then you can get off the show, then.
Mp: Wh...what?
Shade: .......kidding!
Dark: You just got DARK'D, DORK!
[SFX: fart]
Mp: Ahhhhh!
Shade: All right, now we just got a caller from the Hero Garden, uh... her name is "Honey." Hello, caller, and you're on the Dark Show.
Honey: (phone; static) ...hello?
Mp: Hey, Honey-buns.
Honey: Mephiles? Ohmyherochaos, I'm speaking to the Mephiles?
Mp: The one and only.
Honey: OmiherochaoomiherochaosomiHEROCHAOS! Okay! Okay! Um... are you working on anything? Like, um... are you gonna be on TV?
Mp: Well, now that you mention it, I will be in a commercial for Geico.
Honey: Really?
Mp: Yeah, I'll be an evil demon that stands on some guy's shoulder. Like in the cartoons.
Shade: Sweet, really? Could you give us a sample?
Mp: Okay. *a-hem* (sinister) Don't listen to the angel; auto insurance is for saps! Just go out there in the open road, and drive like a wild boar! *pause* Oh, really, tough guy? You wanna come over to my face and say that, you goody-two-shoes little punk? *pause* ...seriously? You'll save that much money? Wow, forget this job, I'm gonna call Geico! *finish*
[audience cheer]
Shade: Thank you, Mephiles, for that great performance, and thank you, Honey, for getting him to do it.
Honey: You're welcome. *hang up*
Shade: And it's time for a word from our sponsors! The Dark Show will be back in a bit.
[random tampon commercial; radio turns off]

And that's it. Hope you enjoyed all this stuff! Also, Mephiles will not be starring in a Geico commercial, you idiot.

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