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Silver the Hedgehog: Ace Attorney (Episode 1 part 2)

Silver the Hedgehog: Ace Attorney
The Silver Turnabout
Part 2

["OBJECTION!!!" appears on-screen as Silver shouts it]
Bowser: We heard you the first time. Imma gunna holdja in contempt o' court, you moron.
[SFX: explosion; Silver's life bar goes down a bit]
Shade: Maybe you should reconsider the evidence...
Silver: Right.
[the evidence appears on the bottom screen]
Silver: The contradiction is here....


Attorney's Badge: Silver's own personal badge. He needs this.
Autopsy Report: Victim died in between 2 and 2:30 AM by two bullets to the chest.
Bullets: Retrieved from victim's chest.
Pistol: The murder weapon. Two bullets were fired. Bears the defendant's fingerprints.


Silver: That's me. I'm weird like that.
Shade: That's the female Shade, my partner in law.
Shadow: Shadow the Hedgehog is the suspect.
Robert: Soldier Bob. The first soldier you see in Westopolis of Shadow the Hedgehog. The one who dies. He's the victim.
Tails: A cowardly prosecutor who is really nervous, and also teaches chao in pre-school.
Bowser: The "honorable" Judge Bowser. What he's doing in the Sonic universe is beyond me.
Crub: A crab badnik that witnessed the crime.

[Silver selects "Autopsy Report"]
["TAKE THAT!!!" appears on-screen as Silver shouts it]
Silver: Crub. You testified to the court that you heard a gunshot, m i Wright?
Crub: o u Wright.
Silver: Well, according to this Autopsy Report... there were TWO gunshots!
Crub: *shock* No wai--
Silver: Yea wai, you sunnuva-Coca-Cola bottle!
Bowser: *bangs gavel* Will the defense please stop these playground shenanigans?
Silver: Sorry, your honor. But my point still stands!
Tails: N-no!
Crub: Eah...
Bowser: Hmm... pretty good deduction skills there, Mr. White.
Silver: Uh... it's.. Silver. Just... Silver.
Bowser: Oh.
Shade: Don't get so cocky now, Silver.
Silver: What do you mean?
Shade: Look at the Prosecution's face.
[Tails is grinning]
Silver: ****!
Bowser: HEY! Do that again, and I really WILL hold you in contempt of court.
Silver: Sorry.
Tails: Yes, the witness heard a gunshot.... but... what does it matter?
Silver: ...
Tails: The witness clearly stated that he turned the lights on and saw the DEFENDANT STANDING OVER THE VICTIM. ...with a gun.
Silver: .....
Tails: Well? I'm expecting you to start crying, rookie.
Silver: Oh, the rookie in this room will start crying.... Mister Prower.
Tails: Huh?
Silver: I know the witness said that. But, he LIED about the second gunshot. We can't completely trust him--
["OBJECTION!!!" appears on-screen as Crub shouts it]
Crub: Now, hold on there a little bit! Just 'cause I didn't MENTION the damn thing...
Silver: Well, then, explain it to us! Explain this mystery.
Crub: Okay. If you're so giddy about it, I'll humor you. But, I'm telling you... you're gonna wish you never asked.
Silver: Try me.

Crub's Testimony (The Second Gunshot)

See, I never explained what I did AFTER seeing them, did I?
I stood there, amazed, for a little bit.
Then, I saw the dead guy move! I freaked out, and ran off.
I suddenly heard another gunshot, and looked back.
There it was-- a giant vase falling onto the bad guy's head.
After that, I just left.

[everyone is staring in shock]
Bowser: You witnessed the murder itself!? Why didn't you mention that before?!
Crub: You didn't ask.
Shade: The judge doesn't seem to notice that obvious potential evidence, did he?
Silver: Don't worry; I'll show them the evidence.
Bowser: Defense, do your little cross-examination thing.

Cross Examination (The Second Gunshot)
(Words in parenthesis are the actual testimony, while all else is the examination)

(See, I never explained what I did AFTER seeing them, did I?)
["HOLD IT!!!" appears on-screen as Silver shouts it]
Silver: Really, why didn't you tell us about this?
Crub: Like I said, you didn't ask.
Silver: Grr...
Tails: What'd you do after seeing them, then?

(I stood there, amazed, for a little bit.)
["HOLD IT!!!" appears on-screen as Silver shouts it]
Silver: ......
Bowser: Hey. Hedgehog. What's wrong?
Silver: I just don't like this guy. Sorry. Continue, witness.

(Then, I saw the dead guy move! I freaked out, and ran off.)
["HOLD IT!!!" appears on-screen as Silver shouts it]
Silver: T...the victim... MOVED? After being shot?
Crub: Hey, I saw what I saw.
Silver: What did the defendant do?
Crub: Say what?
Silver: The defendant. Shadow. What did he do after seeing the victim move?
Crub: Um... uh... well, I ran off, didn't I? Yeah, yeah. I couldn't see him.
[two options appear in the touch screen, "Press Harder" and "Leave it;" Silver chooses the first one]
Silver: *slams hands on desk* You saw him, didn't you?
Crub: Well, uh... kinda--
["OBJECTION!!!" appears on-screen as Tails shouts it]
Tails: Your honor! The defense is badgering the witness!
Bowser: Really? I mean, I thought we were finally gettin' somewhere, y'know?
Tails: But! But...
Bowser: But nothing! I wanna hear the witness!
Crub: I, uh... sorta... saw the defendant dude... knock something over, and then he fell onto the ground.
Silver: ...
Bowser: Yeah, dude? You look like you're dying to say something.
Silver: I'll save it for later.
Bowser: Mmkay. Whatever floats your boat. Crabbot thing, did anything happen while you were running away?

(I suddenly heard another gunshot, and looked back.)
["HOLD IT!!!" appears on-screen as Silver shouts it]
Silver: See? A second gunshot!
Crub: Yeah. Whoopee. Now, can I continue?

(There it was-- a giant vase falling onto the bad guy's head.)
["HOLD IT!!!" appears on-screen as Silver shouts it]
Silver: A giant vase, you say?
Crub: Yes, I say.
Bowser: Are you going somewhere with this?
Silver: You bet I am. Your honor, I believe this vase is crucial to this case!
["OBJECTION!!!" appears on-screen as Tails shouts it]
Tails: Your honor! It's just a piece of pottery-- EAHH!!
Silver: I believe you now see why I believe this.
Bowser: Uh... I don't follow.
Silver: (Jeez, your honor, get a clue!) Around the start of the witness' testimony, he said he heard some "pottery crash."
Bowser: Yeah, so wha--AAAAAAHHHHH!!!
Silver: Exactly. This vase is crucial to this case!
Bowser: Witness! Tell us more about this vase!
Crub: Um... okay...

(I sorta saw the vase smack the defendant on the head, and he, uh... didn't get up.)
["HOLD IT!!!" appears on-screen as Silver shouts it]
Silver: See? Now, how can Shadow have killed Bob if he was unconscious?
Tails: M-maybe the victim was already dead? I mean, he claims he heard another gunshot before he saw the vase...
Silver: Yes, but, at the same time, he claims the defendant knocked something over, and then FELL over, prior to the second gunshot!
Bowser: Wait, wait, WAIT. Could somebody explain to me what the **** is going on?
Silver: Allow me.

The witness claims that he was exploring around 2 AM, and heard some pottery crash. He checked its source, heard some voices,
and a gunshot. He shouted, turned on the light, and saw the defendant pointing a pistol at the victim. He then saw the victim
move, and the defendant freak out. The defendant then knocked something over before falling over, himself. The witness then
ran off, and heard another gunshot. Turning around, he saw a vase falling onto the defendant's head and knock him unconscious!

Silver: As you can see, there are plenty of inconsistencies in--
["HOLD IT!!!" appears on-screen as Crub shouts it]
Crub: I'm telling you, that's what I saw! And I have PROOF!
Bowser: Impossible! Continue.
Crub: I... am a camera bot. I took two pictures-- one of when I first looked inside, and one when I turned on the lights.
Bowser: Hot damn, some REAL evidence! Gimme gimme gimme gimme!

It's incredibly dark, but you can just about see someone standing over someone else while holding a pistol. There's also a vase on a stand behind them.

It's so clear, it hurts. And it's shocking, too! Shadow is standing over Bob, holding a pistol. There is a vase stand with
nothing on top to their left. Also, there's absolutely no blood anywhere.

[everyone is staring]
Bowser: Dude..... DUDE.... I got goosebumps now. Did that vase stand... MOVE!? And where'd the vase go?!
Silver: I think the witness took the second shot at a different angle, which explains the moving stand.
Shade: Psst. Silver. That doesn't make sense... the two people didn't move...
Silver: I'm just trying to wing it, okay? We'll figure it out as we go along.
[Silver clears his throat]
Silver: Your honor, there is something else bothering me. In fact, it has been bothering me for a while now.
Bowser: Shoot.
Silver: According to the witness, there should be at least THREE vases!
Bowser: Say WHAT?!
Silver: He says he heard pottery crash before checking the house.
Bowser: That's one.
Silver: Then, he says the defendant knocked "something" over... which should be a vase.
Bowser: That's two.
Silver: Finally, he claims a vase knocked the defendant unconscious!
Bowser: Three. Freaky.
Tails: I have a theory. Perhaps the defendant knocked the thing over, and it then knocked him unconsciou--
Silver: Impossible.
Tails: Huh?
Silver: Think it over a little.
Tails: Hmm.. the defendant knocked it over, then fell over... the witness ran away, heard a gunshot, turned around, THEN saw........ oh CRAP.
Silver: Yes. Too much time for a simple vase to fall to the ground.
Bowser: DAMN, what is WITH this case?! It's like the first case of Apollo Justice, except without poker!
Silver: Witness, did you take any other pictures?
Crub: Y--
["OBJECTION!!!" appears on-screen as Tails shouts it]
Tails: Your honor, this picture business is not related to the testimony!
Bowser: As much as I hate to admit it... you're right. Silver, hurry up.
Silver: (Damn! It's like he doesn't want Crub to say any more.... suspicious...)

(After that, I just left.)
["HOLD IT!!!" appears on-screen as Silver shouts it]
Silver: You... left?
Crub: Left the neighborhood, yeah.
Silver: You didn't do anything else?
Crub: Nope.
Silver: Not even take any pictures?
Tails: Rookie, now you're just BEGGING to be kicked out of the court. Stay on-topic!
Silver: (I can't even ask a simple question?)

Silver: Shade, it seems like Tails doesn't want me to ask Crub about any more pictures.
Shade: You're right. And I don't think we can spot any inconsistencies in this testimony.
Silver: Argh... what should I do?
Shade: Try to find a way to link the pictures to this trio of vases.
Silver: Man, that'll be tough.
Shade: But you can do it. I know.
Silver: You really think so?
Shade: Yes. In fact, I get the feeling that you should try to explain what happened to the missing vase in the second picture.
Silver: Hmm... I got it.

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