Friday, July 25, 2008

The Chao's First Foray into Sonic Adventure

Man, I finished that episode fast, didn't I? And I worked hard on it. Enjoy.

Last time on DCA:
Shade: We're going to the Station Square Hotel, to avoid the MILKMAN. WAIT! I never said that!
[it's just so people know what happened]
Shade: **** that! Why not show REAL clips?
[....just forget it]
Shade: Yeah, I'll explain what happened, thank you very much. Dark blew up in an explosion. We went to the SA1 Station Square
Chao Garden, just to avoid our enemies. NOW roll the next clip.
[a man in a trenchcoat and hat is using a payphone]
Man: I know that boy is home. Come on son and answer the phone. Something new has come up and...
[fade-in to the main title; JOE's evil laughter is heard]

Dark Chao Adventures
The Gray Journey
Episode 46: The Dark Chao Adventure DX, Director's Cut

[the story begins in the Station Square Chao Garden; everyone is adapting to the awesome hotel]
Chapter 1: Heroes Versus Darks: A Game of Capture the Pillow
Leader (Obvious)
Leader's Advisor (Second in command, tells leader when stupid idea is brought up)
Weapons Specialist (Chooses the weapons, assigns weapons)
Strategists (Plan the strategies)
Guard (Guards the sacred pillow; most important job)
(Everyone except the guards CAN enter the field of battle, but who will is up to the leader)

Team Hero--
Leader: Chao
Leader's Advisor: Tail
Weapons Specialist: Knuckle
Strategist: Hero
Strategist2: Aqua
Guard: Honey
Guard2: Speedy

Team Dark--
Leader: Shade
Leader's Advisor: Red
Weapons Specialist: Dark (....huh?)
Strategist: Dark-Hawk
Strategist2: Buddy
Guard: Phantom
Guard2: Shadow (chao)

Neutrals and Chaos Chao-- Spectators and Referees

[the Darks have set up a fort in the grassy section of the room]
[the Heroes set up their fort in the water section of the room]
[both forts are made of concrete, and reach up to the ceiling; each has a few windows, and a drawbridge/door]
[Shadow Bonic walks to the center of the room]
ShadowBonic: Okay, now let this be a fair fight! No punching below the waist, and whatnot.
[Shade gives a thumbs-up]
[Chao gives a thumbs-up]
SB: Right. The rules are simple. You each have a special pillow; the Heroes have a blue pillow; the Darks have a red pillow.
[Dark holds the red pillow up, then takes it back to its hiding place]
[Tail holds the blue pillow up, then takes it back to its hiding place]
SB: If one team grabs the others' pillow, then takes it back to their base, that teams gets a point. The game then pauses,

the pillows are returned, and the next round begins.
[both teams give a sign of affirmation]
SB: Of course, there's a twist. The pillow, when taken to the opposing base, must STAY there for fifteen seconds before the

point is given!
[some chao discuss this]
SB: This goes on for best two out of three. Ready?
[Shade puts his "Solid Shade" bandanna on around his forehead]
[Chao equips his "Ninja Camo" suit]
SB: The teams may plot their strategies.
[for Round 1, we see only the Heroes' planning]
Chao: All right, you two. It's time to see your genius at work!
Hero: Oh, I think this is our best idea yet, sir! Show him, Aqua!
Aqua: Okay, so I made this diagram of the garden.
[left side: shallow water, small shrine-y thing; middle: walkway seperating both sides, exits; right side: little grass area,

Aqua: As you can see, all the battling will be mainly in the center walkway. But, I was thinking... we could take to the

Chao: Hmmm... interesting. How do you propose we do this?
Hero: Well, we have much better flight capacities than the Darks.
Chao: Good point. Let me consult my advisor.
Tail: Personally, I think this could work. Although, won't the pillow give extra weight?
Aqua: Listen to yourself. It's a PILLOW.
Tail: Ah, of course, of course...
Chao: I approve of this, and say we give it a try. Honey, how are you feeling about being Guard?
Honey: ...I'm fine with it, but... shouldn't you have appointed a much... I dunno, BULKIER chao for this job?
Tail: It is a well-known and followed rule of this game that "Injuries must not occur." This isn't "Anything goes."
Honey: Well, that's better. I'm okay with this.
Chao: You must be more than 'okay,' Honey. Guard is the most important job of the game!
Honey: Fine, fine! I'm ready!
Chao: Good. Speedy, how about you?
Speedy: Ready to kick some Dark butt, your honor!
Chao: Excellent. How are the weapons coming along, Knuckle?
Knuckle: Well, the strategists advised me of their plan in advance, so I had time to make my weapons easy to carry.
Chao: That's great! And what are your weapons?
Kn: Water balloons.
Chao: I can't believe I didn't expect that.
Tail: In this round, everyone besides the guards may fight if they so wish.
[the Heroes cheer]
Chao: Tail, you may now signal our readiness.
[Tail holds up a flag (somehow, Shadow Bonic understands what it means)]
SB: We are now awaiting the Darks.
[a few seconds pass before Red holds up a flag]
SB: Excellent. On your marks....
[dramatic pause]
SB: Get set....
[the Heroes grab their water balloons]
SB: The fight may begin.
[Shadow Bonic hurries to his seat]
[there is a pause which lasts a minute, but seems to last hours]
Chao: The silence before the battle... it is very unnerving.
Tail: Everyone, be ready.
[Dark charges out of the Darks' fort, signalling the start of the battle]
[the Heroes take to the skies, leaving only Honey and Speedy in the fort]
[as Dark enters, Speedy runs up to him and punches him]
Dark: Oof! Man, that hurt.
Speedy: If it hurt, you'd better STAY down before I punch you again!
Honey: Hey, where's the rest of your team?
Dark: They're coming. You'd better watch out, though... we have a secret weapon. And it HURTS!
[cut to the aerial troops, swooping through the Dark fort windows, and tossing water balloons at the Darks]
Red: INCOMING! *splash'd*
Shade: FIRE THE COCONUTS! *splash'd*
[the Darks throw coconuts at them, knocking them out of the sky]
Chao: You three go for the pillow; I'll take their leader.
[Chao lands by Shade]
Shade: Chao...
[cut to Tail, Hero, and Aqua going for the seige]
Tail: Brace yourselves for a stampede.
[the Darks run straight past them, and out the door]
Hero: Suspicious.
Tail: Well, there's still the guards.
[the guards went with them]
Hero: Super suspicious.
[Hero grabs the pillow, and flies out while the other two provide back-up]
Hero: Careful, when we enter the base, there'll be TONS of Darks!
[they enter the fort, and it's empty, besides Honey, Speedy, and Dark]
Dark: Hello.
[the three land]
SB: Heroes, counting down 15! 14... 13...
Hero: Um... where IS everybody? Didn't they come in?
Honey: No, it's odd... Dark comes in, and tells us everyone is coming.
Dark: AND that we have a secret weapon!
SB: 8... 7.... 6....
Tail: What secret weapon? Coconuts?
Dark: No.
[Chao flies in]
Tail: Hello, sir! How did the fight go?
Chao: ...Shade ran off.
[the three fighters are freaked out]
Chao: Is something wrong?
SB: 3... 2.... 1..... WE HAVE A WINNER!!!
[the Neutrals and Chaos Chao ring a bell]
SB: The Heroes win Round 1!
[and yet, none of them cheer]
SB: We will now take a small break, and return the pillows to their rightful places.
Aqua: That reminds me... did anybody try to take the pillow?
Speedy: No, it's odd.
Chao: Something is up here.
[Dark grabs the pillow, and takes it back to the Dark Fort]
SB: Now, for Round 2! Ready?
Chao: No time to worry, time to get strategizing!
SB: You may now plan your strategies.
[for Round 2, we see the Darks]
Shade: All right, I think our little plan worked last round. Dark, can you confirm this?
Dark: Yep! The Heroes are freaked out, and worried about us!
Shade: Damn, you two are GENIUSES!
DH: Aw, shucks, sir.
Buddy: It's fun to play with their heads, but the credit should go to Dark-Hawk. He's the one who thought of just hiding, and

letting them win.
DH: Yeah, but YOU thought of sending Dark in to test our theory!
Shade: You're BOTH smart, now let's think about the second round. We obviously can't do the same thing, because we'd lose the

whole game.
Buddy: Not to worry, sir! We've thought of EVERYTHING!
DH: Yup! We noticed they flew into our fort, so we thought of something to counter this.
Buddy: *brings out trampoline* We're gonna put this HUGE trampoline in front of our windows at first.
Shade: Brilliant!
DH: Then, after we have secured their pillow in our fort, we vouch to send out some troops to make sure they don't have OURS.
Buddy: Of course, we'll also move the trampoline to cover the door, as well, so they can't get in to stop US.
Shade: But won't that lock the troops out?
Red: I think I get what they mean. The troops will prevent THEM from winning, while the trampoline will make sure WE do.
Shade: I like it, I like it! So, are you two guards okay?
Phantom: Perfect-a-mundo, sir! I'm going to do my job, and do it GOOD!
Shadow: I'm always ready to prove myself worthy of working under you, Shade!
Shade: I see. And what about you, Dark? How're the weapons coming along?
Dark: We still have coconuts left over from before.
Shade: Uh-huh. Any... NEW weapons?
Dark: ...I'm quite afraid to say no such progress has been accomplished.
Shade: Well, not to worry. I think we can do this.
Red: Psst... Shade? According to what you've told me, something here doesn't make sense.
Shade: Relax, Red. We'll win this.
Red: *sigh*...okay. If you say so.
Shade: Good. Now, go hold out that flag!
[Red holds the flag out the window]
SB: Good, both teams are ready! On your marks...
[the Darks grab some coconuts]
SB: Get set....
[Dramatic pause]
SB: You may now fight.
[Shadow Bonic returns to his seat]
[during the silence before the battle, the Darks set up the trampoline to cover the windows]
Shade: Hey, don't you think the Heroes would, um... I dunno, NOTICE the trampoline?
DH: We've thought of that, too! The trampoline is invisible, somehow.
Shade: Uh... okay. Good, but strange.
[the silence breaks as the Heroes fly out of their fort]
Shade: Remember, don't fight until we see the whites of their eyes! ....hitting the trampoline.
[the Heroes start bouncing out of the windows]
Shade: GO!
[the Darks pour out of their fort]
[we focus on the Dark guards, Phantom and Shadow]
Ph:, how ya doin'?
Shadow: Eh, pretty good. And you?
Ph: Pfft.... I'm okay, I guess.
[Shade and Red run back in]
Ph: Say wha--
Shadow: Uh, uh.... the trampoline!
Shade: Yeah! MOVE IT!!!
[they move the trampoline so it covers the door, as well]
Red: Wait, what about Dark, Dark-Hawk, and Buddy?
Shade: They were great soldiers who died for their garden.
[the Darks give Shade a high-five]
SB: 15.... 14..... 13..... 12..... 11.... 10....
[and the Darks end up winning the round]
SB: WE HAVE A WINNER! The Darks win Round 2! This means we must go to Round 3!
SB: First, we will return the pillows.
[they do that]
SB: Now, Round 3, the Final Round, may begin. Ready?
[Shade and Chao give signs of confirmation]
SB: The teams may now plot their strategies.
[for Round 3, we see both teams; first up is Hero]
Chao: Alright, everyone. Give it your all this time. Aqua? Hero?
Aqua: We've been going over our last plan quite thoroughly, sir.
Hero: And we believe we are ready to WIN this thing!
Chao: Mmmm... very well. Proceed.
Hero: Well, the problem with our "fly" plan was that it didn't hold a candle to the Darks' trampoline.
Aqua: And the "shotgun" plan wasn't tricky enough to fool the Darks.
Hero: So, we came up with something aggresive, AND tricky.
Aqua: Presenting.... the "Godzilla 2.0 Mahoganifyer!"
[Aqua and Hero bring out a giant machine that breathes fire]
Honey: My word!
Hero: This machine will burn down their trampoline, and pretty much threaten them enough to stay away from us.
Chao: Hmm... I will have to consult my advisor.
Tail: I think this could work.
Chao: You ALWAYS think that. Just look at it! It's a giant, fire-breathing robot! It's the public's conception of Barrack

Tail: Well, there IS the saying, "Fight fire with fire." I'll bet anything the Darks are going to try something tricky, so...
Chao: ...okay. I HAVE MADE MY DECISION! We will use the machine. How do the guards feel?
Speedy: Eh.
Honey: I don't mind either way.
Chao: I see. Knuckle, did you happen to make this machine?
Knuckle: You bet I did. We're all set on this end.
Chao: I see.
[we now swap to the Darks]
Shade: Calm down, everyone! I would like to know what you strategists are so giddy about.
Buddy: Well, we figured the Heroes were gonna do something big and outrageous for this round, so...
Shade: Wha.... WHAAAAT?!!!
DH: Something wrong?
Shade: Kind of! Where did you get the MONEY to make this thing?!
Dark: Relax, sir. We stole some money from the Heroes.
Shade: Hmmm.... neat.
Red: Sir, I don't know about this...
Shade: Sheesh, take a chill pill, Red. With this machine-a-motron, we can't lose!
Red: Um... okay...
Shade: What about you two guards? How are you holding up?
Phantom: I'm ready to defend.
Shade: Heh... that's good. Dark?
Dark: Perfectly assembled the machine, ready to acknowledge your commands, fraulein.
Shade: ...dude, why'd you call me a girl?
Dark: I didn't know you knew German.
Shade: I didn't know YOU did, herr moron.
Red: Uh, can we cut the Apollo Justice stuff for two seconds? Seriously, Shade, something's up with Dark...
Dark: You worry too much, fellow Dark chao worker. Fret not; I shalln't permit you access to a quandry.
Red: See?! Am I the ONLY one who sees the billions of things WRONG with that?!
Shadow: Yes.
Red: *groan* Well, I suppose we're ready, then.
SB: The fighting may begin.
[Shadow Bonic returns to his seat]
[silence before the battle]
Red: Um, Shade, I DO have a regular question, though...
Shade: Yeah?
Red: How will we fit the machine out the door?
Shade: Good point.
[the Heroes charge their Godzilla 2.0 Mahoganifyer into the Dark's fort, and the super battle begins]
[while the weapons specialists command the machines, the chao have an all-out war]
[during the massive battle, Dark manages to sneak out of the fort, grab the Heroes' pillow, and bring it back]
SB: Point, Dark! 15... 14..... 13.... 12..... 11......10.....
[the Heroes go for Dark, but Dark tosses the pillow to Shade, who inconspicuously hands it to Phantom]
[Phantom keeps it save for the remaining ten seconds while the Heroes think Shade has it]
SB: 3....2......1.......WE HAVE A WINNER!!! The victor of "Capture the Pillow" is... TEAM...DARK!!!
[the Darks cheer]
Shade: So what do we win?
SB: Nothing. This event was entirely for sport purposes.
Shade: WHAT? That's bogus, man...
[they bring the forts down, and go back to having normal lives and chapters]
Chapter 2: What's Eating Gilbert, Dark?
Dark: Now, wasn't that game simply THRILLING? Let's have some victory high-fives!
[Dark gives a high-five to all the Darks]
Dark: Indeed, quite scintillating!
Shade: You know, I think Red might be right. There's definitely something off about this...
Dark: Wh-what? No, Shade... don't listen to Red. I'm your amigo, your comrade, your happy tree friend.
Shade: *sigh* I suppose you ARE right. Red's obviously.... *"loco" gesture* ...eah.
Red: I can't believe I'm being called crazy.
Qz: *puts arm on Red's shoulder* I know, right? Welcome to the club. The name's "Quar--"
Red: I know your name. *shoves off*
[the lights go out]
Hero: Oh, boy. Looks like our party's gonna hafta halt for a bit.
Tail: Do you think it's...... *gulp*.... them?
Shade: Nope, can't be, impossible, no way, no how, sorry, try again. They just can't get us from in here!
Knuckle: So.... what DO you suppose it is?
Shade: Juuuuust light bulbs.
Speedy: Um... but it's a skylight.
Shade: Solar eclipse!
Chao: Shade, face it; you're in denial.
Chaosky: How about I take a look?
[Chaosky somehow climbs to the ceiling (SPIDA-MAN!!!) and looks at the window]
Chaosky: Hmm.. it looks like someone covered the glass with a large sheet. Maybe if I open the window, I could remove it...
[after a bit of work, he manages to remove the sheet, and all light returns]
Shade: Great job, Chaosky.
Red: ....*crosses arms, closes eyes*
Shade: Is something wrong?
Red: Take a look around. Something really IS wrong.
[they look around, and everything seems normal]
Shade: What the Dark Garden, man?
Red: ...DARK.
[they look around, and don't see him]
DH: Where did he go?
Qz: Did the Nomble eat him?
Red: I get the feeling that our little "Dark" is anything BUT.
Shade: Careful what you say around these parts, pardner. The children of the corn have been known to feast at night.
?: What's all the commotion about?
[Dark walks in, holding a glass of water]
Dark: All I was doing was getting a glass of water. I think you should all get one, too. It might... calm your nerves.
Shade: There, see? Problem solved. Now let's get ourselves some water!
[the others get some water from the "Hero fort" area]
Dark: *evil laughter* My, you are all bigger fools than I had imagined...
Red: I KNEW there was something off about you...
Dark: Yes, I'm shocked none of you listened to him. I mean, REALLY. Dark does not speak with my vocabulary...
Shade: Crap, I should've known!
Red: So, who ARE you?
Dark: *evil glare* Take a guess.
Shadow: Metroid Prime?
Dark: What? NO! I'm JOE! In a chao disguise. And that water you're drinking? Poisoned.
[the chao spit the water out]
JOE: Yeah. I'm evil. Y'know Round 1 of the game? When I charged into the Hero fort, alone? And I fell over?
Speedy: I punched you.
JOE: Whatever! This chao suit is COVERED in poison. And, don't forget, you Heroes were STANDING in that stuff.
Chao: He's good.
Tail: Yeah, he's REALLY good.
JOE: And then, you folks happened to throw the freaking WATER BALLOONS at us. Wow!
Knuckle: My bad...
JOE: THEN, I gave all Darks HIGH FIVES? C'mon...
Phantom: And to think that we trusted you...
Aqua: What will the poison do to us?
JOE: Kill you.
Red: Wait! You were drinking water, too!
JOE: I came back from the Hotel Lobby. I bought water THERE. SAFE water.
Red: long until we die?
JOE: Three hours.
JOE: That's not until 2010, though.
Shade: I was planning on freezing myself until then.
Chapter 3: Curse, or Cure
JOE: Anyway, there is one cure to this poison. The waters from one of the other two gardens.
SShade: Huh?
SB: I believe he means the Mystic Ruins and Egg Carrier gardens.
JOE: Right. However, only ONE of those gardens' waters will heal you. The other... will SPEED the poison.
JOE: Yes... so you won't know which one is which until at least one hour AFTER testing it.
Red: You know, JOE, you're not as smart as YOU look, either.
JOE: What? *sips water*
Red: See, I KNEW you weren't Dark... so I put some of our water in your glass.
Red: Now, you'll HAVE to show us the correct one, or you just won't live.
JOE: You know, you should have done that sooner, because since I JUST drank the poison, I can wait until you're all dead

before I drink the cure!
Red: don't know which one is which, do you?
JOE: No.
Shade: Right, then, let's get choosing! I say the Heroes take the Mystic Ruins while the Darks take Egg Carrier!
Chaosky: Hey, what about us?
Qz: Yeah, don't leave us dying here!
Shade: Okay, the Neutrals can choose. Except Quartz. Quartz... just die. Please.
Qz: Yes, SIR!
[so, they listened to Shade, and all got their share of the water]
Shade: Now.... *gulp*..... we wait. For the results.
[they are incredibly scared, and terrifyed, while waiting for the results... of their lives]
Shade: So.... JOE, huh?
JOE: Yeah...
Shade: What's it like being a Beta Avenger?
JOE: It's... fun. I mean, planning plans, being mysterious, keeping secrets. 's tough **** out there.
Shade: Huh. You don't say.
[suddenly, tons of chao keel over]
Shade: Yikes! This is it!
[he notices it's all the Hero chao, except Chao]
Shade:, the Egg Carrier water was the safe stuff after all.
JOE: Uh-oh.
Shade: What?
JOE: I.... drank the Mystic Ruins water.
Shade: Oh. *long pause* ...........bye!
Red: Chao, why are YOU still alive?
Chao: I kinda drank the Egg Carrier water.
Shade: Count yourself lucky, then! Now let's get the Dark Garden outta here!
Chao: Right.
[Shade, Chao, Red, Shadow, Dark-Hawk, Phantom, Shadow Bonic, Buddy, and Quartz escape]
Qz: Wait, why didn't I die for the twentieth time?
Shade: Twenty-first. And it's because I wanted you to die in a funnier way. Poisoning isn't that funny.
Qz: Ah.
[they escape to the Egg Carrier garden, and rethink their strategy]
Shade: *sniff* Goodbye, Chaosky... you were the last Neutral chao that I was aware of...
Red: But he wasn't a.... hey, where's the female Shade?
Shade: No clue. Personally, I'm more upset about Honey.
SB: I believe we have bigger things to worry about at the moment. JOE followed us.
JOE: You... you led me to my death... so I'll lead you to yours!
[JOE swipes at them, but they scatter]
Shade: Shadow Bonic! Do some Chaos Chao magic and stuff!
SB: "Chaos Chao magic?" Do you even know what a Chaos Chao IS?
DH: I know magic! Hocus pacocus, nokus smokus!
[BOOM! an explosion appeared right next to JOE]
Shade: Nice going. Ya missed.
DH: Sorry! I haven't done magic in a while!
Shade: Okay, can some other third-party chao do something they're GOOD at?
Ph: Allow me. *deep breath* This is my last resort, so I hope it works...
[Phantom sits down, and spins around, stretching his arms out]
[it hits JOE a few times]
JOE: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Stop it! Ow! That hurts! Ow! OW!
Ph: ....I stopped a few seconds ago.
JOE: Ow. Must be the poison, then. Urp! *dies*
Ph: Damn, that hurt my butt.
Shade: Nice, Phantom, you did it! *hi-5*
Ph: Anytime. Well, NOT any time, because that hurts my butt. How's once every few days sound?
SB: Can we PLEASE think about where we're going to go next?
Shade: *sigh* Okay, okay, I have an idea.
Chapter 4: Board the Pillar
[Shade explains his idea]
Red: That... that's a stupid idea.
Chao: Yeah, and what'll we do with the leftover ice cream and plastic bags?
Shade: Then I'm all out of ideas! It's not like I'm gonna get an idea from the sky, or something!
Shade: Huh. I was expecting something to fall from the sky, and give me an idea.
Chao: Ditto.
Shade: *sigh* Let's get back to Station Square...
[as he is walking away, an object falls from the sky, and hits him]
Shade: OW! Don't THROW stuff at me, Chao!
Chao: But I didn't--
Shade: Seriously, that HURT! Huh? What's this? *picks object up*
Red: It looks like some kind of transmission beacon.
Shade: Yeah, thanks for stating the obvious, Red. Howsabout next time, you tell us what's going on in your big head?
[they laugh]
Shade: Now how do ya turn this thing on? *beep* Whoa!
[a hologram comes out of the thing-- a hologram of the MILKMAN]
MM: Attention, all nine chao. I know you have killed the other three Beta Avengers, and now would like to kill me.
Shade: **** yeah.
Chao: Wait, when did we kill Tagliare?
Shade: I don't know, but he's dead, and that's good.
MM: So, I have made Doctor Eggman build me my own version of the Death Egg.
All: Awwww...
DH: Bogus.
MM: However, not just ANY Death Egg. This one is a replica of the Halo!
All: *cheer*
DH: Rock on!
MM: You will need to go through all nine chapters of Halo: Combat Evolved, and I will be the final boss.
Shade: Payback time...
MM: I am looking forward to the fight.
Chao: So, how will we get there?
MM: I know Chao is probably wondering how you will get there. Well, I sent a replica of the Pillar of Autumn to you.
Red: How does he know where we are?
MM: I know you are in the Egg Carrier gardens... I know this because the paper tells me all.
Ph: Creepy.
MM: Indeed, this is creepy... and will be explained to Dark, and Dark ONLY at the end of the season.
DH: He's dead, though... so much for that.
MM: While he is dead, I have my ways.
SB: The MILKMAN is one interesting character. I wonder who he is...
MM: And I know that Chao is probably asking me why I want to do this in video game fashion...
Chao: I was JUST about to ask that.
Shade: The tape's probably ahead.
MM: This tape shall now end, and the Pillar of Autumn will be landing shortly. Have a safe, and productive day!
Shadow: Weird.
MM: Also, Shade, enclosed is a Chaos Drive. TAKE IT.
Shade: Okay, okay. *takes*
MM: the way, this tape will now self-destruct.
Shade: Eah! *tosses into ocean*
[the Pillar of Autumn lands, and they get on]
Red: Another video game adventure, right, Shade?
Shade: Hopefully, this one will be the last.
Chao: I wouldn't say that, Shade. Destiny might take it the wrong way.
Ph: So, what do we do first?
Shade: I guess we just enter the cryogenic tubes, and sleep away.
[they do]
MM: Indeed, little ones..... sleep. You will need it.
[fade to black as the MILKMAN's evil laughter is heard]

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