Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well, only two more episodes left.

As we get closer to the season finale of the ultimate season 6, I have realized I've been thinking way too big. That might have something to do with why people aren't reading as much-- I've written too much.

Hell, the entire season 6 is at least twice as long as your average season. Not episode-wise, but just... text-wise. And we're not even at the climax yet! In fact, this is a secret, but we won't be at the climax even when we're done with episode 48.

That's another thing-- I've made too many secrets. It's like you can't tell when Shade's gonna pick his nose without a bunch of secrets given to you by the MILKMAN, written in triplicate, and then further hidden away in one of Dark's old Genesis albums.

Don't you just miss the good old days, when Shade was a lazy, crazy Dark chao? Me, too. Don't worry, once all the video game drama is over, I'll try to let the characters return to their natural habitats. And if Sonic Chronicles' Chao Garden is as good as I think it is, then they might get to go there. Not with adventure in mind, mind you. Just relaxation, and war of the gardens.

Speaking of War of the Gardens, that ol' text adventure game probably will get finished eventually, once I get around this little bug. It's making it so that your name you make for your chao is eventually... forgotten. I'll either fix it, or make it so somebody'll ask your name again.

...Holy crap, I forgot all about the Rebel chao. I've got it! I'll toss them in the Halo episode!

Hmm... what else, what else? ...Of course. PaperBowser (whom I used to call "Neff," for some reason) is claimed to be making a "moving picture comic," whatever that is. I presume he means one of those newfangled "films." Oh, he means a comic where the pictures move? Of course. I wish you the best of luck! ...and it's based on DCA.

And if, by chance, you DO like the video game adventures the chao are having, and I'm completely on the wrong track with this "too big, too secretive" talk, then tell me, for the love of the Hero Chaos chao. The only reason I'm assuming this stuff is because no one tells me. So pick up a phone and dial 9/11! ...I mean, 9-1-1.

Let's get to a more serious tone. ....wait, why is it that 9/11 and 9-1-1 are the same numbers, and both have to do with emergencies? Don't you find it a bit.... coincidential?

Important news: Don't take this talk about Season 6 for granted, folks. 'Cause once the season finale is around the corner, I'm not opening my mouth about this season ever again. ...until it's over. Yeah.

So with that, I'll leave after saying one more thing-- DCA08 still exists. I'm still doing work on it, and it'll be done before 2009. Of course.

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