Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Ace Attorney Talk!

Silver the Hedgehog: Ace Attorney
Yeah, I'm still wondering whether or not it should be called, "Ace Attorney: Silver the Hedgehog," or "Silver the Hedgehog: Ace Attorney." I should probably stick with the latter.
I'm also still considering finding an English Apollo Justice logo, and editing the words to say "Silver the Hedgehog." It would either take a long time, or end up horrible.
I am also seriously considering showing you readers the first bit of "The Silver Turnabout." But, I'd like to wait until I'm done with the whole case before I release any bit of it.
....okay, I'll show some random lines. You can tell me for yourself if it sounds funny enough for you.
Bowser: All right, all right, be quiet, will ya? Show a little respect. Court is now in session!
Tails: The prosecution is ready, your honor.
Silver: Um, uh...
Bowser: Is the defense ready?
Silver: Uh... yes, your honor. The defense is ready.
Bowser: Okay, then. Now let's get this show on the road! Mister Prower, your opening statement, if ya please.
Tails: *a-hem* A few nights ago, Robert, a GUN soldier and veteran of the Black Arms/Humans war of '05, was shot twice in the chest.
Bowser: Gruesome. Awesome.
Tails: We have evidence that shows that Shadow the Hedgehog is responsible for this murder.
Bowser: I see. And, uh... might I ask, what IS this "evidence?"
Tails: (pistol shows up in top-right corner) Here is the pistol that was used.
["OBJECTION!!!" appears on-screen as Silver shouts it]
Bowser: Yeah, dude? You got a problem?
Silver: I thought the victim's name was "Bob," not, "Robert!"
[awkward silence]
Bowser: **** yeah, something's wrong; what the bloody **** IS he?
Bowser: DAMN, man! That **** is VAGUE! Can't you be ANY more specific?! *groan* Start your cross-examination, defense.
Silver: You were up pretty late, weren't you? It must have been at least 2 AM!
Crub: So what? Bite me!
Silver: I was just saying!
Crub: I'm a robot, whaddya EXPECT?
Silver: Sorry!
Crub: Eh, whatever.
["HOLD IT!!!" appears on-screen as Silver shouts it]
Silver: You're positive that's what you heard?
Crub: As true as blue, man. I seen stuff, y'know? Like... in my mind. I seen some ghosts... and some wars, and stuff.
Silver: ...what are you talking about?
Crub: I dunno.
Silver: m i Wright?
["HOLD IT!!!" appears on-screen as Silver shouts it]
Silver: ......
Bowser: Hey. Hedgehog. What's wrong?
Silver: I just don't like this guy. Sorry. Continue, witness.
Bowser: Wait, wait, WAIT. Could somebody explain to me what the **** is going on?
Bowser: Hot damn, some REAL evidence! Gimme gimme gimme gimme!
Bowser: DAMN, what is WITH this case?! It's like the first case of Apollo Justice, except without poker!
Bowser: We're waiting for you to start. *bangs gavel*
Now, if you haven't played any Ace Attorney game before, you will be... clueless. Or, confused. So, I have searched YouTube for anything that might help you understand the awesome world of Japanese court. A fake case about a detective's lunch being stolen. In Japanese, with English subtitles. A fansub of the above "trial." It's... pretty good, but... could be better. Second Apollo Justice trailer. Damn, my internet connection sucks today. But the trailer's good. In fact, if you do a bit of searching, you'll find other versions of that trailer with (Japanese) voice acting. Some fans made their own dubbed version which was actually pretty good. But I digress... Check it out! A demo of Apollo Justice, played with your mouse instead of a stylus! And it's official, so no need to worry about anything illegal. If you can't play it for some reason, there's always... Part one of a video walkthrough of the Mock Trial (demo).
Now, for something rather random. I will post the Cross-Examination themes from all four Ace Attorney games. Why? Well, if you've played at least one of them, you'll understand how important Cross-Examination is, and you'll know how awesome the songs are.
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: (as well as some other songs)
PWAA: Justice For All: (as well as some others)
PWAA: Trials and Tribulations: (as well as... yeah)
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney: (Moderate)
Thanks for sticking around all this time, and look forward to Silver the Hedgehog: Ace Attorney, coming 2008, probably.

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