Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sleepy Time!

Okay, now that I've beaten Apollo Justice.... and have been robbed of sleep.... I am ready to say a few things.

Metal Gear Shade

I'm not at liberty to say my progress on it. Not at all. I mean, I would like to keep a small amount of secrecy regarding the development process of the official series. But, I can say that I am now out of a previous slump I was in, and now can work as hard on it as I want to.


When the time is right, I will pass unto you something about the original bonus series, said to be on "hiatus." Is it truly on hiatus?

Professor Shade-on

Eh, this one's on hiatus.

The End

By "end," I mean the end to Season 6. After all, I still need to perfect the ending, don't I? I must make sure it is PERFECT. Already is it surprising... all I need now... is closure. Should it be a "massive army of good guys versus massive army of bad guys?" Or should it be "small squadron of good guys versus massive army of bad guys?" Or maybe, "Shade versus massive army of bad guys." To tell you the truth, I'm still trying to figure it out.

Silver the Hedgehog: Ace Attorney

I suppose I'll put this one on hiatus for now. At least until I finish Metal Gear Shade.

Also, never forget that Metal Gear Shade is episode 44. Just making sure you knew.

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