Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Public Announcement from DJay32

Okay, here's something for ya:

I'm going to Florida, and will not have access to a PC for the rest of my life--
--until July 14. Home just in time for Avatar.

FYI, while I am there, I will enjoy the comical stylings of George Carlin (books), the Griffin family and Planet Express crew (DVDs), and of rookie attorney Apollo Justice (games).

So, in the time I am gone, I beg of you-- someone... return. Return, and comment on freaking Season 6. This is the biggest season ever! ....literally. Episode count-wise, as well.

...I've said too much.

I will go on a lighter note by saying, "lol this is blog entry 69, lol lol lol rofl XD"

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