Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I come back with a random bang.

Silver the Hedgehog: Ace Attorney
The only reason I didn't use the English logo is because... I can't sprite. Changing the letters to say "Silver the Hedgehog" would be near impossible for me. I used Apollo Justice because his hairstyle strangely resembles Silver's.
But, yeah, you could say that I loved making that Ace Attorney-style puzzle on Professor Shade-on a bit too much.
Proof of this rapid love of Ace Attorney is that I've already started on Silver's first real case-- "The Silver Turnabout." In it, Silver will defend Shadow the Hedgehog, whom has been accused of shooting Soldier Bob (the very first soldier you meet in Shadow the Hedgehog; the one who dies) twice in the chest.
I know, I know, I should stop making these bonus series and start finishing Season 6. Well... you guys should stop waiting and start commenting. Maybe then I'll stop being bored and start feeling pressured to stop fooling around and start stopping the hiatus of Season 6, and starting to stop saying these "start/stop" things and start making you guys happy!
I'll try to do some more editing of Ace Attorney logos to make a better version of the one you see up there. I might try to make Silver's head completely white so it looks like a real logo.
And when I'm finished with Silver Turnabout, I'll show it here. Probably. I mean, I'm already done with the second testimony, and these first cases are always courtroom exclusive. Investigation won't start until the next episode. If you don't know what the bloody hell I'm talking about, play an Ace Attorney game, and you'll understand.
Uh... DJay32... out?

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