Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10 Days/9 Days/WHATEVER Days Left.

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(This entry will only be REMOTELY about DCA)
So, today, I've been brainstorming ideas for DCA, and being a huge fanboy of multiple video games. Namely MOTHER 3 and Rock Band.

I don't see why people hate Rock Band so much. It's fun. I like it. I mean, most people I know think it copied Guitar Hero. Well....... using that logic, Guitar Hero copied GuitarFreaks. Ever heard of it? It's an arcade game using guitar controllers.

I can even give back-up proof to this logic! This logic says Rock Band copied Guitar Hero, even though it didn't. Harmonix simply stopped working on Guitar Hero, and wanted to make a different type of music game, I suppose. They were, I suppose.... "inspired" (good enough term) by Guitar Hero. And, Harmonix, when working on the original Guitar Hero, was said to be inspired by GuitarFreaks. That arcade game was only in Japan, and they wanted US people to give games like that a try.

....wait. So.... according to this logic...... Harmonix copied themselves? I mean, first they copied Konami, and then they copied themselves. ....what.... the...... furk? See, that is why Rock Band doesn't copy Guitar Hero. 'Cause if it does, then Harmonix is copying themselves. Sure, Neversoft is now behind Guitar Hero, but the IDEA was made by Harmonix, although taken from Konami.

I'm confused.

Moving on, I think a Rock Band episode of DCA could work. Maybe. It'd simply be: the chao decide they want to move up in the world, and make Rubber Goose really public. .....ANOTHER braistorm is storming in my brain.

Idea for a Season Finale: Rubber Goose does a few concerts, makes a few songs, and earns a LOT of fans. The corporate business tries to get..... whoa. I just got ANOTHER effing brainstorm!

Idea for a new baddie: ....no. I can't tell you. This one is too important. Some people already know this person. He is in the current episode of DCRPG. The one with the TV show.

Back on track-- Season Finale: The corporate business pulls them down into deals and debt and stardom and all that noise, all while the band is slowly pulling the chao apart. There'd be a lot more detailed of a plot, like the corporate business having some sort of special "project" planned.

Meanwhile, my older idea of somebody babysitting the younger chao back in the gardens while Rubber Goose is out comes into play. Something important happens back here, too.

It's amazing how fast I thought of that. In fact.... that might end up being the Season 7 finale. Probably.

In other news, I beat MOTHER 3 today. Loved it. Loved almost every second of it. Chapters 7 and 8 were...... AWESOME. The Ultimate Chimera.... was...... JUST..... AWESOME.

....and that's it. More info on the super damn epicly scary Ultimate Chimera later.

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