Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I now get the WTF TOO BIG award!

BIG NEWS! I am just about ready to begin work on the FINAL ACT of the bulk of DCAHall2! So, I'm at the end of Act 4. About to start on Act 5. And, do you know how BIG this thing IS so far?
104 kilobytes.
Now, for most things, that's pretty small. But, for DCA? That's a big helping of WTF stew. This thing... is bigger than the TMEWT. It's bigger than the Season Finale of Season 6. It's ALMOST as big as Metal Gear Shade through Countdown to Destruction put together. It's bigger than the entire Season 4. It's over THREE TIMES AS BIG as the original DCAHall. It's WAY bigger than the entire Season 1. It's bigger than the entire Seasons 2, and 3. Not put together. It's ALMOST as big as the entire Season 5. It's bigger than Professor Shade-on so far. It's bigger than all the DCA08 episodes put together. It's bigger than all three volumes of DCRPG, not put together, but seperate. It's over three times as big as Episode 24, which was that Feature-length one.
Basically.... it's the biggest SINGLE EPISODE of DCA so far. AND IT'S NOT EVEN DONE!
I'm nicknaming it, "Dark Chao Adventures FEATURE-LENGTH 2: Gears n' Roses"
Plus, it's scary, and it's epic. Purely epic.

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