Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Halloween Present: The Making of a DCA Episode.

I know, I know, I spoil you guys a lot. Well, it is Halloween, and I haven't uploaded this video yet. So.... enjoy.

This is the Making of Episode 49, by the way. Or, making of a chapter or two. Either way, you'll see how exciting it is to make scripts the DJay way, and how much fun I obviously had as I made Gears n' Roses for two whole months.

If you ever want to try to make an awesome script series like me, first you gotta learn to type like me. If you wanna learn how to type like me, first you gotta learn what I do while I type. Once you learn how to type while doing that, you'll see how much fun it really is. the way, it really is pretty fun doing this. As long as you're on a roll with your ideas.

Also, I might just decide to upload more videos using the Blogger video system. It's much better than using YouTube. Look forward to maybe some more videos, mostly DCA-related, comin' up soon.

Whaddya know? It's not Halloween anymore. Funny thing? It WAS when I first started making this. Uploading videos takes a LONG time. Still, I hope you enjoyed Gears n' Roses. I recently re-read it, and.... is it just me, or does it take around two to three hours to read?

I surprise myself sometimes.

EDIT: Damn, you can't even read the text! Oh, well. I just type while listening to music.

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