Monday, October 20, 2008

Countdown-- T Minus 11 Days.

Just eleven days. A mere eleven days. The only thing I'm worried about is if I'm gonna forget about it that day. Heh..... let's hope I don't, huh?
I've also been doing some thinking about Season 7. A LOT of thinking. I want it to be a nice season. The chao back in their gardens. Nothing too epic.
So, epic things from now on will either be holiday specials, Season Finales, or something random.
Epic things I want to do:
- Chao in Mother 3.
- Chao in Gears of War 2 (probably next Halloween)
- Chao in Half-Life 2, as a sequel to "When's Half-Time?"
- MAYBE Chao in Halo 2, the second musical episode. When people come back and tell me how the first one went.
- Chao in, I dunno..... a GTA game. I'd make them go through the missions, while doing whatever they want to do.
- Chao in (maybe even) Doom. Or Doom 2. Or Half-Life Blue Shift, or Opposing Force, or Decay.
Who knows? You'll just have to wait for a little bit.

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