Wednesday, October 15, 2008

16 Days Left.

It's essentially done. I've finished Tales One and Two. Both scary. Second is way scarier than the first. And longer. Around fifty times longer.

Things I need to do?

- Make sure I didn't contradict myself or something. Probably won't read it again, but O WELL.
- Finish the scene where the chao discuss their Halloween costumes. Got some funny stuff. Just gotta wait for my fans to "wake up" and tell me their chao's costumes. If none do that, that's fine. Still, though... y'know?

That's about it. I'm currently discussing with Warner Brothers to make a DVD., not really. Sorry for getting your hopes up, though. But, I will be releasing both DCAHalls on one text file. One..... HUGE text file. With more bonus material than actual episodes. Seriously. Deleted scenes, ideas, FULL Textual Commentary for both episodes, every single trailer and short for each one..... it'll be called "Bloody Fear." Terrible name, great scripts.

Look for that either October 31, 2008, or sometime AFTER October 31, 2008. Maybe November 1, or 2, or 3, or something. Who knows? I've already done everything for the first special.

Also, one more thing.

Gears n' Roses will be publically released in the following locations on October 31, 2008:

- The Official DCA Blog (that's right, Emily, it's official now. I mean, I post here enough... why WOULDN'T it be?) -- In here, I will make several posts that day. Each containing an Act. The first post will contain Tale One, Tale Two Intro, and Act One. Second will contain Act Two, and so forth. Just.... trust me. I've got it ALL planned out.

- The Official DCA Topic in Chao Talk -- I'm definitely gonna have to make four or five posts, maybe twenty, to fit the whole thing in there. Seriously; the TMEWT didn't fit in one post, and this is WAY over twice as long as that!

- The Official DCA Website -- I'll maybe make a new picture to put on the front page that day. MAYBE. I doubt it. I like the "50th" picture. Who knows? I know I'll fix it up so it "Word Wraps." Don't worry about the definition.

And that's it. Those three places are the three places I'll ALWAYS post these things in.
(PS: I've gotten back to work on DCA08, which is the last of the things in between Seasons 5 and 6. Professor Shade-on doesn't exactly take place at any given time, I suppose. But, yeah, DCA08 will be finished before you know it. Maybe even before Halloween? ....perhaps.)

Overall, come by around this place for Halloween this year. Read all five posts.... and SCREAM (with some laughter) in the holiday cheer!

If you don't like it, tell me why. If it's not a good reason, then say, "Bye-bye." When you awake in the hospital, you'll be missing an eye!

Happy waiting season.

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