Thursday, October 9, 2008


137 Kilobytes.

How far am I? I've finished all five acts of the bulk of the script. STILL not complete yet. I must now finish the first tale. The bulk of the script, the Gears of War part, is only Tale Two. Tale One is Dark-Hawk's story of sibling rivalry. It's MUCH shorter. Only a mere FRACTION of the five acts' lengths.

BlackPhoenix has "beta-tested" the first two and a half acts, and he loves it. He's gonna wait until Halloween to read the other two and a half acts, just like everybody else. Still, thanks to him, I'm feeling much more confident that all this work was NOT a waste of time.

More bold text! Now that it's 137kb, it is ONE KILOBYTE AWAY from being as long as Disc Two of Season Six, which is Metal Gear Shade through Countdown to Destruction. That disc is the ONLY thing that is bigger than Gears n' Roses.

Still, Gears n' Roses is my biggest SINGLE SCRIPT. In the text file which contains DCAHall2, I do not have any other things in there. No random talking from me, no other stupid things. JUST. Gears n' Roses. So, the script ITSELF, SO FAR, is 137 kb. I... I just can't get over how BIG that is.

So, how's the story? I dunno. The point that BP got to only broke the surface of the actual story. He still thinks it mostly follows Gears of War, with only a few characters changed and stuff. ......not even close. The further in I got, the more plot things I changed, and the more of the game itself I changed. So... some things in there never happened in Gears of War. Just a little "spoiler" for you.

How's the comedy? As far as BP got, it seems like he liked it. I'm sure you will, too. In fact, I remember having to stop reading because he was laughing too hard. Twice, according to my memory. I think I stopped more than that.

How's the horror? No clue. No clue at all. BP got to one or two scary moments, but... I didn't read them to him scarily enough. I don't even think "scarily" is a word. Still, I know things get scarier as you go along. I really went all out for the last Act. Really. Some things in Act 5 will BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY. I can't tell for sure, but I know I was scared when I was typing it.

How's the music? So far, only two songs have been sung. I have mentioned these two before. I think it's gonna stay that way. I managed to put them in when I thought it would be perfect. I really wanted to put in "The Kill," and "Green Grass and High Tides," but.... I couldn't find the perfect moments. Actually, now that I think of it, I can think of a good spot to put "The Kill," by 30 Seconds to Mars, in.

How's the fan service? Meh. Not as good as the FIRST one, but that's only because ONE: I haven't asked anybody what they want their chao to dress up as, and TWO: Things have been quiet with the fans lately. Still, I still put some funny, fan-related things in there.

How's the randomness? .........dare you ask. The randomness is..... truly random. I managed to cram as much randomness as the law would allow me into that tiny little Microsoft Notepad.

How's the call-backs to previous episodes? I dunno that much, but I know that there may be one or two call-backs to the original DCAHall. In fact, one of them is one of the moments when BP laughed too much. ...wait, I just remembered-- HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT THIS?! Pretty much most of the enemies you see will be call-backs to a previous..... 3 episodes. Which ones? Can't tell you.

How's the epicness? Allow me to answer your question with a question of my own. Do you know what the name of the company who made Gears of War is? They're called "Epic Games." So.... an epic episode of an epic series of epic proportions and epic length based on an epic game by an epic company named Epic Games. Understand?

How's the accuracy of detail between this and Gears of War? Basically, "How close is this to the game?" I'd say.... it starts off VERY close. But, by the time we're around 3/4 of the way done with Act 1, things get VERY messed up. By the time the whole thing's done, it's basically an original adventure loosely based off a video game. ....okay, not THAT loosely. I DO follow it quite closely, but there are times when I go a bit crazy with the "original" stuff.

How're the plot twists? More than in Star Wars.

How's the suspense? I dunno. Probably quite a bit. There will be parts where Shade and Dark turn corners you KNOW they shouldn't. There will be parts where a character is just walking along, and you KNOW somebody's gonna stomp on by and bash their skull in. There will even be parts where you DON'T know about something, but you KNOW something WILL happen.

What about Rubber Goose? Did you forget all about them? Oh, them? Damn, I forgot. ......April Fools! I'd NEVER forget about my favorite fake band! ....followed by Spinal Tap. But, no, I didn't leave Rubber Goose out of this one. However, it seems as if this adventure was a bit too.... EPIC.... for mere singing. *GASP* "NOTHING'S TOO EPIC FOR RUBBER GOOSE, THOUGH!" Well, apparently, they've finally met their match.

Final Word: Gears n' Roses will have our 'heroes' outnumbered, outmatched, out cold, out of time, out of energy, and out for the count! But, in the end, the good guys ALWAYS win. ....of course.... Darks AREN'T exactly.... GOOD...... guys..... ARE they?

Gears n' Roses, Coming October 31, 2008

Coming to the DCA Site, this blog, and the Chao Talk forums. ...well, I'll TRY to take it to Chao Talk. It's WAY too big, though, and I KNOW it. If the TMEWT was too big, and this is over TWICE as big as that..... yeah.

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